Sharron Cuthbertson


Art of Sha's CREATIVE SPIRIT LIVING presents....


      A Goddess Gathering Painting Retreat




      with Visionary Artist
      sharron cuthbertson

      Pender Island. BC. Canada
      oct 19 - 22, 2018



















Is there a small voice inside telling you that you can't do it...

or that you are not creative or not artistic or not good enough or...???

Do you believe it? 





























this is an experiential step by step method
called  intentional creativity 
for  beginner  to  advanced painters






You will experience Guided Creative Play that is intuitive & in the moment,

taking you on a journey of self discovery and connection with your inner wisdom.


Your muse will meet you exactly where you are...

Therefore you can only get it right!

The magic of the experience will surprise you!

I want to tell you a little secret!

Did you know that trying new things makes you more creative?

And being more creative brings us in alignment with our higher self,

allowing greater access to our own intuition, inner knowing & spiritual connection.










Remember there is only one you!

Your Goddess will be as unique as you are.

Your painting will not look like my painting but it will be a Divine Expression of You!







Imagine yourself surrounded by nature's beauty at the ocean' edge
with a views of majestic Mount Baker rising in the distance
while nestled in a spectacular, yet cozy timber "cottage".


Imagine being with a group of women in sacred sisterhood for a weekend
of self discovery, creative play and no commitments other than to
fully experience your joyfilled goddess self. 


Imagine journeying to inner places no one but you can experience and fully
express as a creative full sacred goddesshood!


Imagine great food, stunning views, natural surroundings, private sanctuary,
painting and playing, bonding and new friendships, letting your hair down
and being free to self express your creative fire!




o v e r v i e w


retreat includes:                                                     

  • 3 nights accommodation  (exception Workshop Only Option)
  • yummy vegetarian meals daily
  • snacks & chocolate!
  • guided painting instruction
  • all painting supplies
  • live music night
  • guided meditations
  • morning movement
  • time in nature
  • sacred space to express freely
  • fun and exploration




the experience

This is an invitation to join me in an intimate gathering of women to explore, embrace and celebrate the beauty of your own Inner Goddess through creative play.

Absolutely no painting experience is required!

You will be gently guided in a step by step method of Intentional Creativity
resulting in a 16" x 20" acrylic painting of your Goddess Archetypal Self.



Goddess: “A female being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by a people”
“ A female being believed to be the source of life and being and worshiped as the principal deity..” (definition excerpts from The Free Dictionary)

Sometimes as women we get lost in the day to day juggling of our lives and sometimes we forget who we are. Sometimes we are “labeled” by others and we begin to believe we are the personification of that “label” even if it isn't true... Because only we know who we truly are! 

There is a beautiful, sacred wisdom that lies beneath all the labels... lies beyond the duties and the chores and the multitasking actions we perform as loving, nurturing, sensual beings. Each and every one of us are a divine presence that carry the creative, feminine essence of the Creator...”the source of life”...Now how powerfilled is that! 

There is an old paradigm belief that to achieve or to manifest we must strive, push & try as hard as we can. The way of the feminine, the way of the goddess is not about force. It is about inviting and receiving from the understanding we are already abundant. It is a magnetic energy. We are the way of the creator, infinite & full of possibility.  Each of us is unique and have our own special gifts to share in our own way. Let's reawaken and embrace our core true essence that lies within each of us... These are the superpowers of our own Inner Goddess Self! And they are the brilliant “Golden Essence” of our true spirit.

The fall season is a time of abundance and gratitude. This is when we celebrate the harvest and the bounty it has provided us for the long, dark winter months ahead. This October retreat is a perfect opportunity to focus on our own bountiful self...the natural gifts and talents that make us who we are. These are the aspects of our divinity that connect us to our True Goddess Glory! So through intention & exploration we will tap into our creative spirit to “harvest”, share & celebrate our own Goddess self while indulging in safe sacred circle, meditation, visioning, creativity, sisterhood and of course sumptuous food. 

You will leave with a 16 x 20 painting of your Goddess Archetype, an empowered sense of your inner Goddess self and a special connection with new Goddess friends.

The universe supports us when we step into our true power through spiritual connection. As women our true power lies within our feminine creator essence self expressed through our individual gifts. I truly honour each and every woman that chooses to gift herself the space and time to join this Goddess Gathering in sacred sisterhood. Let us take the time to be with each other, caring for ourselves in celebration of the “Goddess of the Golden Harvest.” 

In Joy and Blessings of the Goddess In You! 





t h e   l o c a t i o n



Gulf Islands, British Columbia Canada... the stunning Pacific Northwest...

Immerse yourself in the magic of nature's beauty and splendor
right on 
Pender Island's beautiful ocean's edge.
Mystical Mount Baker rises from the water in the distance.

Towering spruce, fir and cedar stand like ancient guardians all around
you while eagles soar by and the anticipation of seeing a whale
fills your heart with possibility and joy.  




Spend a 3 day weekend in an exclusive, luxurious, private Goddess sanctuary... a 3,916 square foot log home situated on an acre of waterfront property on South Pender Island. Spread over three floors “ Timbers” is spacious and grand, yet cozy and intimate with views from every level. It includes comfy couches, woodstove, full modern kitchen, spacious spectacular views, endless decks and a large outdoor hot tub to soak it all in.

This will be an intimate,  sacred and safe place to explore and share your Creative Goddess self.  

Space is limited to a very small group of women.

Absolutely no painting experience is required!







a c c o m m o d a t i o n


your choice of:                                                   


  • queen beds
  • with private bathroom facilities                              
  • water view with access to outside deck 



  • single beds
  • with shared bathroom facilities




 y o u r    h o s t    &     f a c i l i t a t o r s




artist & host:                                                   

 Sharron Cuthbertson
 Visionary Intuitive Artist 
 Certified Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher and Guide         
 Graphic Designer and Sign Crafter for 27 years
 Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner
 Certified Voice for Love Practitioner & Teacher
 Certified Dowser Healer, Visionary Artist, Teacher & Guide



As long as I can remember I have been a heart centered creative force in the world, being blessed with a natural gift for artistic expression. As such, I have been led down many paths, directing me how I could and would lead my life. 

My passions are ignited by a deep love for the natural world with reverence and gratitude for the beauty of life in all it's forms. There is also within me an endless quest for truth and the great unfolding mysteries of the universe.

Focusing on my creativity with heart spirit connection and awareness, allows my art to come forth intuitively through visionary and energetic patterns and frequencies. By fusing images and symbols onto the canvas and paper there is an emerging vibrancy and healing energy contained within to be experienced by the viewer.

Meanwhile through photography, my intention is to capture the splendor, wonder and magic I see and feel when experiencing life on this beautiful planet and bring awareness to our interconnectedness to our great mother and each other. My hope is that you will experience your own inner beauty, wonder and magic when witnessing my creative expressions.

With the understanding that we are all divine creative beings, my intention is to inspire others through creative playshops, retreats and gatherings. As a Visionary Artist and Certified Colour of Woman Teacher, I will lead you into the world of Intentional Creativity to explore your inner wisdom of sacred connection and expression of your creative heart.

I joyfully invite you to shine your own light into the world!



 Artist Sharron Cuthbertson
 Spectacular Vegetarian Menu
 Healthy Dynamic Vibrant Tasty Food - to keep you energized, creative & satisfied!


live music

Zan Callison

Zan has a voice that was perfectly made for the healing arts.

As you are taken on a personal soul journey through her musical  offerings, you may find tears rolling down your cheeks, belly laughs roaring from within, or be left in a moment of contemplative  silence.

With a passion for justice and a love of Mother Earth, Zan touches on topics which can be emotionally evocative for the listener as she sings her soul songs alive. Her unique voice paired with her mix of love, life lessons and learned hurts of the world are a combination that has kept her audiences asking for “one more”…or maybe three. 

movement & meditation


Amy Bjorndahl

You will be guided through gentle movements, breath work and meditations to awaken the Body, Inner Goddess and Spirit. Using these techniques, we will ground, focus and create a state for enhanced creativity.

Amy has been meditating since 2004 through Training in Power Academy of Healing and Meditation and leading meditations since  2014

She teaches a meditation course on how to shield, ground, heal yourself, do an energy healing, and tools of manifestation. It is  based on metaphysics principles and gives you the tools to go deeper into yourself and to listen to your Spirit voice.

Amy Bjorn was born a creative spirit. The Love of texture and colour can be seen in her artwork. She uses many different materials  and mediums to create dimensional art while in a meditative state, infusing energy that can be felt when experiencing the art pieces.



r e g i s t r a t i o n    &     p a y m e n t


a 50% deposit is required to hold your spot: 

this is an intimate gathering and space is very limited.

SHARED QUEEN ROOM (queen beds with private bath) $1300

SHARED LOFT ROOM (single beds with shared bath) $1000

By Request Option: WORKSHOP ONLY
( no accommodation or breakfast )

 (lunches & dinners included) $770 

pay in full or by deposit  (final payment due by Sept 20, 2017)

early bird discount extended : register by noon Aug 15 = $100 off



Terms &Conditions:
Due to the intimate nature of this retreat, we regret that no refunds will be offered
after any and all payment is received unless the retreat as a whole is cancelled or
rescheduled upon which a full refund will be provided. Your spot is transferable to
another person who would be interested in participating in the retreat, conditional
upon receiving notification of your cancellation and the receipt of full payment prior
to the transfer.

Please contact Sharron for any questions or notifications.